About The Artist

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by strong light, especially in the early morning or late afternoons. Light can change the whole feel of a painting. The contrasting depth of colors created by strong light produces new relationships and can connect various parts of a painting. I am constantly experimenting with strong colors and shapes in my paintings. The subject matter of my paintings is almost incidental.

I began creating collages as an exercise to loosen up my painting techniques. I started by experimenting with different ways of viewing familiar objects. The mind sees what it wants to see because of the way we are trained to view familiar objects in our daily environment. As part of this, I have enjoyed playing with different textures, patterns and materials to create a new way of looking at familiar places, events, animals and objects. This has also influenced some of my more recent paintings.

Nancy B. Gramps


I began painting in grade school and earned my B.S. degree in Studio Art at Skidmore College. During graduate school I designed and produced fundraising brochures for a local college. After graduating, I worked in advertising for products like Cheerios and NyQuil, and later created advertising targeted toward the English-speaking community for companies and local merchants in Frankfurt, Germany.

After returning to the states, I served as president of a local arts center and chaired several local art shows. I have been awarded prizes in various art competitions, participated in group shows and had a successful one-woman show in Darien. Many of my paintings and collages are in private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe.